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SoftTrace Dairy Industry Software at Mullins // June 12 2018


SoftTrace is finalising the implementation of its manufacturing, traceability and quality management software at Mullins Cheese & Mullins Whey in Mosinee, WI. The project has been a huge success. The next stage will see SoftTrace rolled out into the Mullins cheese production facility at Marshfield, WI.

Listen to what Adam Mullins has to say


The system Mullins implemented…..

To date, Mullins have implemented 5 of the 6 SoftTrace modules in Mosinee: Intake Manager, LIMS, In-Process, Inventory Management, and the Traceability Engine. The decision to invest in SoftTrace was based on a rigorous investigation of the system’s functionality and configurability, tours of reference sites, and a review of the company’s immediate and long term data management objectives. Based on all the evidence, the management team were in no doubt of SoftTrace’s proven ability to provide the necessary efficiencies in internal quality control and traceability, as well as enhanced data management throughout the entire manufacturing process.

“We chose SoftTrace because of the system’s focus on the Dairy industry. As the implementation proceeded we became increasingly impressed with its flexibility and customizability. We’ve been able to adapt SoftTrace to our processes and our needs and use it to do things that just wouldn’t be possible with a canned program or generic system. It’s a cohesive system that ties all aspects of our operations together."

Adam Mullins, Operations & IT Manager, Mullins Cheese & Whey

How it works…..

At the Mullins facility in Mosinee, SoftTrace has been custom configured to manage milk and ingredients intake (including intake measurement, analysis and process allocation), process control, quality control (raw materials, in-process, finished goods and environmental), inventory management and traceability reporting.


What it does.....

SoftTrace interfaces with Mullins’ third party process automation, patron collection, producer payroll and business system to provide an integrated platform for increasing operational efficiency and profits, maximising product yield management and reducing downtime and overhead costs. It monitors and tracks all milk and ingredients received and released into the manufacturing process; captures information from laboratory instruments; manages laboratory information; tracks and integrates process data to silo, vat and unit level; manages inventory; controls dispatch based on positive release procedures; guarantees full traceability to shipped product.

“It has been a great experience. We have basically rolled several systems into one as well as a lot of manual entry and paper and pen. Just having one system from front to back is the best thing. We’re not jumping from one program to another and another, which was the case in the past. It hasn’t really changed how we do things – it just increased the efficiency and the speed at which we do them.”

Adam Mullins


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