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A LIMS solution for the Contract Laboratory

Contract Laboratory Software

SoftTrace LIMS solves the quality, sample management, data integrity, process efficiency security, and information management difficulties of contract laboratories. It improves laboratory productivity, streamlines complex data management processes and minimises compliance risk by eliminating manual data transfer. SoftTrace

SoftTrace LIMS is highly configurable and reflects current work processes – making it easy to use for data entry, data transfer, analysis calculations and approval mechanisms:

  • Real-time monitoring and validation of all analysis performed.
  • Full, electronic traceability and a comprehensive quality profile on all completed samples.
  • Significant cost reductions and increased operational efficiency through reduced workloads, elimination of duplication and maximum returns from current staffing levels.
  • Guaranteed data integrity via automatic data capture and automatic results calculations, tighter control on all work processes and elimination of human error.
  • Increased security with a usage audit trail to operator and instrument level and a full audit history on all results and amendments.
  • Enhanced decision making capabilities through full integration with all operational areas and immediate access to all quality management data, historical data, statistics and graphs.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and a significant competitive advantage.

Our contract laboratory customers are using SoftTrace LIMS to meet their challenges and increase profitability:

  • Sample Registration: Pre-register samples and use the Sample Scheduler to automatically configure routine samples. Print barcode labels. Use the Look-Up tables to configure the required tests and analysis fields.
  • Sample Reception: Scan barcode labels or use the sample identifier to automatically generate sample test details including client ID, sample origin, sample type, test requirements, sample condition etc.
  • Workflow Management: Assign samples and tests to laboratory personnel and prioritise the workload depending on your business needs and increase your process versatility and laboratory turnover rate.
  • Sample Analysis Data Entry / Acquisition: Manually enter analysis data or capture data directly from laboratory instruments. Filter samples by priority or date of receipt into the laboratory. Results entered into SoftTrace LIMS are automatically colour-coded by the system based on the established test specifications for the attention of the Laboratory Manager. Data amendments are automatically audit trailed with a reason code, operator identifier, date and time. Colour coding indicates that the result has been changed.
  • Calculations: Store user-defined calculation formulae to automatically compute results based on raw data inputs. Confirm results and include them in the appropriate worksheet. Retain primary data for historical review.
  • Interface to Laboratory Instruments: Interface easily with all laboratory instruments for automatic data transfer via an event scheduler. Configure standard and control samples. Insert control samples at pre-defined intervals. View QC graphs on the analysis results, standards and controls for each instrument. Import laboratory data on a scheduled basis according to user defined formats, locations, frequencies and protocols.
  • Analysis Review and Validation: view the real-time progress of all samples and filter on priority samples. Automatically flag samples that are behind schedule and view the number of incomplete tests for each sample flagged. Receive an automatic alert on incomplete samples via email, SMS or on-screen. Schedule re-tests as required. Validate analysis results and flag completed samples for certification.
  • Certificates of Analysis: Automatically generate hard copy or electronic certificates of analysis for approved samples. Produce interim certificates for incomplete samples. Reprint certificates as required. Avail of a full audit trail on all certificates of analysis and interim certificates.
  • Quality Management: Online audit trails and internal system alerts for an enhanced quality control system. Automated features and colour coding for rapid problem solving and effective corrective action procedures.
  • Management Enquiries and Reports: Immediate access to all management data, historical data, statistics and graphs. Avail of a full suite of standard and user defined enquiries and reports. Print reports, view them on screen, dispatch them via email or export them into Word and PDF documents or Excel spreadsheets.
  • Instrument Calibration: Record instrument details and assign calibrations to laboratory personnel or external contractors. Provide automatic email and in-system alerts on calibrations due. Log calibration details and maintain a full calibration history. Generate a full report on calibrations due and completed for a specified period.
  • Invoicing: Set pricing by test, test form or client. Automatically generate invoices for samples approved for invoicing. Print invoices on company stationary or generate branded PDF invoices. Full integration with third party business and accounting systems.
  • Full Standards Compliance: SoftTrace LIMS is designed and built to ensure our customers’ compliance with industry specific regulatory requirements including ISO 17025, ISO 14001, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ICH, GAMP, EPA and NIDA.

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