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Manufacturing Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Software

The SoftTrace Pharmaceutical Industry software suite solves the performance management, process control, quality, traceability, product safety, yield and risk management challenges of the Pharmaceutical industry.

It provides an integrated, real-time view of supply chain, manufacturing and quality data in a single system:

  • Achieve optimal data management and real-time control in the areas of ingredients intake and inventory, product manufacturing and packaging control - with an associated focus on efficient quality data recording and traceability.
  • Full systems integration leading to a reduction in paper records, optimal use of existing resources and elimination of the risk of human error.
  • Determine daily production performance, costs and yields - to increase operational efficiency and profits.
  • Determine daily plant yield analysis across all products and processes.
  • Monitor performance and yield to product level.
  • Establish optimal production levels and exercise tighter controls on inventory quantities via full validation of ingredient usage and automatic updates on quantities held.
  • Track and monitor raw materials / ingredients received and released into the manufacturing process.
  • Track, integrate and control in-process data to product tank / dryer / silo level.
  • Achieve best practice quality management and traceability from raw material intake to finished product labelling, picking and dispatch.
  • Monitor and control waste.
  • Monitor and control environmental load.
  • Manage purchasing and sales order processing.
  • Achieve lot-specific inventory management efficiencies.
  • Establish the quality and grade of each pallet of finished product to optimise allocation to customer specifications.
  • Achieve bi-directional traceability with enhanced rapid response, product recall and brand protection capabilities.

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