Yields and Plant Performance

SoftTrace Pharmaceutical provides instant access to:

  • Performance and yield analysis by process area.
  • Performance and yield analysis by production run(s).

Full Electronic Traceability

Traceability differentiates finished products in competitive marketplaces. SoftTrace Pharmaceutical provides effortless access to all quality and traceability data, forward and backward, from any point in the traceability chain.

SoftTrace Pharmaceutical maintains the integrity of the traceability chain from raw material receipts through production, dryers, silos and filling lines to the finished product inventory and customer dispatches. It validates data entered into the system in real-time to ensure compliance with quality rules, enforce best practice and maintain full traceability.

Superior Plant Management

Each module in the SoftTrace Traceability and Quality Management Software suite is easily configured to reflect existing business processes. Decision making information is readily accessible via a series of enquiry screens as well as a suite of pre-defined and user defined reporting and graphing options.

  • Determine daily production performance, costs and yields.
  • Provide a daily plant yield analysis across all products and processes.
  • Monitor performance and yield to product level.
  • Establish the quality and grade of each pallet of finished product to optimise the allocation of product to customer specification.
  • Monitor and control wastage.
  • Monitor and control environmental load.
  • Establish optimal production levels.
  • Achieve full production traceability by dispatch.
  • Achieve superior product recall capabilities.

A Traceability and Quality Management Software Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

SoftTrace Pharmaceutical Industry software suite solves the quality, traceability, product safety, yield and risk management challenges of the Pharmaceutical industry. It tracks and integrates quality and yield data from raw material receipts, manufacturing processes, packing, finished goods, storage and dispatch. Within minutes you can identify all raw material batches and equipment used to manufacture your finished products. By installing SoftTrace Pharmaceutical at your manufacturing facility you will:

  • Increase operational efficiency and profits.
  • Meet legislative and consumer demands.
  • Maximise your crisis management capabilities.
  • Guarantee customer confidence and achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Discover how leading players in the Pharmaceutical industry are using the SoftTrace Quality Management and Traceability Software to meet their challenges and increase profitability:

  • Tracking and monitoring raw materials received and released into the manufacturing process.
  • Tracking, integrating and controlling in-process data to product tank / Dryer / Silo level.
  • Ensuring traceability to the finished product.
  • Managing purchasing and sales order processing.
  • Managing inventory and optimising product values to increase profits.

Industry case studies – SoftTrace in action

A modular, customisable solution

The individual SoftTrace modules add up to a plant-wide data collection and management system. The suite can be implemented on a modular basis to create a system with the required degree of flexibility to meet the specific needs and budget of individual customers in the Pharmaceutical industry. SoftTrace Pharmaceutical can be deployed as a single quality solution set or as part of an integrated system. Using application program interface (API) technology, all of the SoftTrace modules integrate easily with existing ERP, plant automation systems and laboratory instruments to provide full forwards and backwards traceability and an effective risk and crisis management tool.

  • SoftTrace Raw Materials – capture data at the good inwards point and monitor and control raw material movements. Quality control the release of bulk raw materials to production. Segregate raw materials by type or source. Integrate raw material quality data with all other operational areas.
  • SoftTrace LIMS – real-time access to analysis from all key areas such as dryers, in-process silos, production lines, finished goods, effluent and environmental analysis. Temperature, container wash, media control, calibration and concession records. CIP, acid and dipping tank analysis. Environmental records and graphing. Waste and effluent monitoring. Integrate easily with laboratory instruments, plant automation, MES, bar-coding and ERP systems.
  • SoftTrace In-Process – track, integrate and control all manufacturing data to product tank / dryer / silo level for instant data access. Configure process control records to reflect existing manufacturing make sheets. Automatically import in-process quality analysis results from SoftTrace LIMS. Integrate with process automation systems to track all equipment used, key performance events and provide a trend analysis for continuous monitoring of plant performance. Ensure traceability from the raw materials and ingredients through production, dryers, silos and filling lines to the finished product.
  • SoftTrace Inventory Management – effectively manage inventory, optimise product values and increase profits. A full profile of the quality of all product inventory to individual pack level. Integrate with all other modules to complete the production traceability chain by providing an electronic link between the process control sheets, packing, quality and inventory records. Interface to business and financial systems for financial recording and invoicing.

Discover how our software can overcome your food traceability and quality management challenges


  • SoftTrace works for FMC because it has been designed specifically to enforce GMP compliance and it integrates easily with our ERP, laboratory, process automation and barcoding systems.
    Name: Eileen Dennehy, Quality Manager, FMC
  • We chose SoftTrace not only because of the system’s functionality and flexibility but also the extensive knowledge of the SoftTrace team. Their in-depth understanding of our industry meant that they were easily able to provide us with a solution tailored to our specific requirements.
    Name: Laurence Feeney, Laboratory Manager, Progressive Genetics

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