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LexiCom: Client software for secure internet-based communications


SoftTrace is an authorised reseller of Cleo Communications’ secure file transfer software products. This includes Lexicom, a secure file transfer client and VLTrader, a managed file transfer service.


Rapid Deployment

LexiCom offers several unique features and self-help tools to ensure rapid deployment. The average installation and set-up takes just 30 minutes! In addition, LexiCom integrates with all major EDI translators. This allows the EDI operator to use the familiar translator interface to handle communications. Over 30 integration packages are available.

Meet Customer Communication Mandates

Successfully meet customer mandates with an eBusinessReady certified product. As an on-going participant in eBusinessReady interoperability certifications, Cleo is an experienced partner in secure communications.

Versalex, the core technology in LexiCom, is certified for AS2, AS3 and ebXML Messaging Service (ebMS). The software also supports MQSeries, FTP, FTP/S, OFTP, HTTP and HTTP/S connections.

Plan Ahead

LexiCom is a solution that can scale to meet future requirements. As additional trading partners require IP-based communications, simply configure the new trading partner host or contact Cleo for an available pre-configured host. Plus, as standards evolve and new ones develop, Cleo will make these available within its new releases. With a current support subscription, upgrades are just  a few clicks away.

Rapid ROI

Affordable base packages allow users to start with one or a few connections and economically add connections at any time. Multi-connection packs offer the best value for those companies facing additional upcoming mandates or planning for future growth. The combination of an affordably priced solution and the scalability of the product to grow with your requirements provides a quick and powerful ROI.

Reliability & Performance

When it comes to doing business with key customers, taking risks is not an option. LexiCom is a mature, proven software product with over 5,000 installations worldwide. The software has successfully completed 5 successful rounds of eBusinessReady certification. As regards transaction verification – users can monitor and confirm the successful completion of all scheduled transmissions using LexiCom Software’s perpetual, printable log file.

Meet the Irish Dairy Board (IDB) communication mandates for AS2 easily & on time!

The advice from IDB is that SoftTrace is your best partner for integrated, reliable, secure AS2 communications using Cleo LexiCom software.


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