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Full profile of all raw materials data

SoftTrace Intake Manager

SoftTrace Intake Manager records and tracks all raw materials and ingredients received into the manufacturing facility. With integrated quality data it provides an essential level of visibility and optimal control as well as rapid response and crisis management capabilities.

SoftTrace Intake Manager creates an unbroken data chain from the raw material source to the plant, on to quality control and release to the appropriate process or holding area.

Raw Materials released by QA are allocated to an intake silo or holding area and this data is captured in SoftTrace, creating an inventory management record. This provides a full quality and compositional profile of bulk raw material inventory.

Real-time integration of SoftTrace Intake Manager with the intake measurement system, inventory records and plant automation system provides a comprehensive profile on all data relevant to raw materials receipts and management. It creates an unbroken traceability chain from raw material and active ingredient sources to the plant, on to quality control and release into the appropriate process and provides full, electronic traceability from raw material intake to the manufacturing process:

  • Capture data at the intake point / weigh area.
  • Track all deliveries and quality control the release of bulk raw materials to storage silos.
  • Seamlessly integrate all delivery data with collection, intake measurement, quality control and compositional analysis, payment, mass balance and yield data.
  • Reconcile collection volumes against intake / metered volumes.
  • Automatically generate quality control records and maintain stocks of raw materials / ingredients to batch level.
  • Perform segregations by raw material type, source etc.
  • List all delivery loads by data range, product, source / destination with the associated laboratory results.
  • Track a silo batch to the individual delivery analysis results and source collections.
  • Manage direct sales to third party processors including agreed weights and analysis results.
  • List all outgoing product dispatches.
  • Integrate with process automation software for physical movement and key events data.
  • Integrate with enterprise business systems for purchase order management.



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