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Enterprise-wide quality data management

SoftTrace LIMS

SoftTrace LIMS provides a secure, configurable platform for full quality data management and traceability across the enterprise from raw materials to shipped product. It fast tracks reporting and enhances quality control processes throughout.

The real-time flow of quality data between the laboratory and the rest of the organisation guarantees adherence to the highest quality standards at all stages of the manufacturing process:

  • Raw materials, in-process, environmental and finished product analysis.
  • Full microbial and chemical analysis recording.
  • Raw material analytical results validation and monitoring.
  • Real-time monitoring of production quality data.
  • Real-time non-conformance alerts and quality incidents monitoring.
  • Integration with all operational areas for full quality data traceability.
  • Integration with laboratory instruments, plant automation, MES, barcoding and ERP systems for accurate and timely quality information.

Reflect Your Existing and Emerging Processes

SoftTrace LIMS is highly configurable, flexible and user friendly. Its intuitive, graphical interface makes it easy to use, manage and customise. The user-defined test database, test specifications and dynamic worksheets can be configured to reflect existing manual recording systems and specific work processes, as well as accommodate business change.


Install SoftTrace LIMS and achieve:

  • Full, electronic quality management and traceability.
  • Significant cost reductions and increased operational efficiency.
  • Product value maximisation via easy access to a comprehensive stock profile.
  • Guaranteed data integrity via automatic data capture and automatic results calculations.
  • Increased security with a usage audit trail to operator and instrument level and a full audit history on all results and amendments.
  • Enhanced decision making capabilities through real-time access to all quality management data, historical data, statistics and graphs.


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