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New Dairy Dynamics 2018 // May 08 2018

New Dairy Dynamics: Evolving World Markets and Trade

SoftTrace are looking forward to attending the 21st annual DIN Conference in London, May 24th & 25th. Anthony Connolly, SoftTrace CEO, will be available throughout the event and happy to discuss the SoftTrace Dairy Manufacturing Software System we have tailored to meet the requirements of our UK, Irish and US Dairy industry customers. Email Anthony or contact him on LinkedIn if you would like to arrange a meeting while you're there.

About the DIN Conference

Managing risk and responding to market shocks are now central for participants in managing dairy markets, which in the past 8 years have experienced no fewer than 3 boom and bust cycles, and are once again teetering on the edge of a potential new bust - or possibly not. For Dairy companies trying to manage milk supply in post-quota Europe and beyond this near annual boomeranging is challenging the best brains. The continuing uncertainties of Brexit, political and environmental extremism, the unpredictable Trump administration in the US, and unreliable production in emerging markets are compounding the challenges. In this context, we look to this year's impressive speaker panel at the 2018 DIN Annual Conference to shed some light on how these issues might be tackled.


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