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How to perform a traceability exercise // February 23 2018

As a food manufacturer - to meet current food traceability regulations and ensure that you are 3rd party audit-ready on demand - you need to know exactly where your finished products ended up and exactly where they came from.

The traceability mandate demands efficient, demonstrable traceability one step forward to your finished product customers and one step backward to your ingredient and material suppliers. Broadly speaking, this means maintaining comprehensive and accessible records on your ingredients and contact material suppliers, all ingredients and materials received, each step of the manufacturing process, rejects, waste and by-products, inventory and storage, dispatch and shipping to customers.

During a typical traceability audit, having confirmed that the manufacturer adequately records ingredient and materials receiving, usage and dispatch as part of a finished product batch, it is not unusual for the auditor to ask the manufacturer to carry out an on the spot trace exercise on a finished product. This includes all associated records such as:

  • Ingredient receiving records, unique ID and quantities used in the batch.
  • Packaging receiving records, unique ID and quantities used in the batch.
  • Production batch sheet
  • Rework or over-run added / created
  • Waste
  • Finished product Lot ID and quantities
  • Storage and inventory records
  • Current location of all quantities produced
  • Dispatch and shipping records
  • The test duration

SoftTrace provides full, bi-directional traceability from source to dispatch . It is a comprehensive solution for fast effective and demonstrable conformance to regulatory and customer end-to-end traceability requirements. The SoftTrace Traceability Engine allows users to rapidly trace ingredients and process steps from supplier to customer to ensure that products are safe, high quality and compliant with microbial and compositional requirements.

SoftTrace Traceability Demo

 This video quickly demonstrates just how easy it is to generate a full traceability report on a single pallet of production using the SoftTrace Traceability Engine.

      "Today the emphasis is on verification and speed. Being able to quickly demonstrate full traceability as well as rapid response capabilities is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. SoftTrace has provided us with traceability from farm to dispatch at the click of a button."

Jeoffrey Collins, Quality Manager, Kerry Group

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