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SoftTrace adds “Magic” ingredient to dairy manufacturing software // January 08 2018

Meeting current and future Dairy processing challenges demands the realtime integration, tracking and reporting of manufacturing data across all operational areas from ingredient sources to finished product. In SoftTrace this functionality is enhanced by the high levels of scalability, portability and interoperability afforded by Magic xpa via the Magic Enterprise Server and In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG).

The core of Magic's unparalleled productivity is the unique Magic Enterprise Server, which contains the built-in functionality and automation wizards used to create Magic applications quickly and efficiently. This, combined with the SoftTrace team's Dairy industry expertise, means that the software can be quickly customised and implemented for a quick return on investment. A twelve-month return on investment is typically achieved via increased revenues, superior plant management capabilities and improved delivery performance.

"It is important for our customers that the SoftTrace modules are easily customised to meet their specific needs. It is also important that critical functionality can be accessed remotely from mobile devices from anywhere in the manufacturing facility. Magic's metadata-driven, point and click development environment makes it a relatively simple and cost effective tool to rapidly deliver the degree of customisation, data integration, and mobility our customers demand......

.......By matching the advances in Magic xpa to our evolving development requirements, we are confident that we can remain flexible and responsive in meeting our customers' current and emerging challenges without putting undue pressure on our current product development resources."

Anthony Connolly, SoftTrace CEO

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