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Integrated Manufacturing, Quality, Traceability & Business Data

The SoftTrace suite of software modules provides a complete solution to the specific plant performance, quality, traceability and risk management challenges of the Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries.

SoftTrace captures, organises and tracks all internal manufacturing, logistical and quality related information from raw material intake to dispatch.

As a plant wide, data management and reporting system, SoftTrace delivers:

  • Full integration of all manufacturing, quality and business data in a single system.
  • Increased operational efficiency and profits with reduced overhead costs.
  • A comprehensive quality platform for process and product value optimisation.
  • Increased inventory efficiencies via lot specific inventory management.
  • Full traceability in minutes from raw materials received through to finished goods dispatch.
  • Brand protection via rapid product recall and crisis management capabilities.
  • Elimination of paper records.


A modular system that grows with your business and protects your investment

SoftTrace is a modular system that can grow with a customer’s business needs and integrate with process automation and ERP systems to maintain data integrity and eliminate gaps in the manufacturing, quality and traceability data chain. SoftTrace can easily integrate with existing hardware and software to guarantee continued leverage on investments made to date.

While SoftTrace can be implemented as a standalone system, or on a modular basis, greater benefits can be achieved when it is integrated with existing business and process automation systems to link all critical data in one, fully integrated solution.


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