Dairy Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing poses a challenge to the dairy industry from utilities consumption, waste reduction and the rise of industry 4.0 introducing digital transformation. SoftTrace solutions are flexible in achieving sustainable manufacturing practices that balance your environmental concerns with the aim of improving the companies bottom line.

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Our Commitment to Dairy Sustainability

Dairy manufacturers can’t become advocates for sustainable manufacturing practices without the necessary tools. SoftTrace support customers in forming sustainable manufacturing strategies for economic growth.



Our solutions create a paperless factory powered by integrated smart data. Digital transformation reduces negative environmental impacts like natural resource consumption, pollution and waste, also reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Plant Efficiencies

Plant managers have access to energy, utility, chemical & water usage data in real time with SoftTrace solutions. With this information, preventative maintenance of membrane skids and fitlers can be reduced by scheduling production as needed and controlling this will reduce unnecessary maintenance expenditure and environmental impact.


Eliminate Waste

We have supported our customers by reducing product waste on average 16% per project by highlighting process drift in real-time. Monitoring measuring and managing an environmentally responsible manufacturing process is an expectation of future generations in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, of which ethical, innovative dairy manufacturers planning to grow sustainably in the future have a duty to uphold.

Our Priorities

As trusted problem solvers and solutions providers, SoftTrace are proud to support our customers in improving their sustainability through the use of innovation, technology and smart manufacturing. Our priority is to help dairy manufacturers to be more sustainable in industry-specific areas, such as:

  • Food safety & quality
  • Water usage
  • Energy usage
  • Minimising the use of paper
  • Lean manufacturing and reducing waste
  • OEE
  • Supply chain

Our Sustainability Highlights

Kerry Group Goes Paperless With SoftTrace

Kerry Group looked to upgrade their legacy paper-based system to minimise the use of paper and achieve optimal data integration for traceability and cost savings in order to achieve efficiencies across the plant. Through digitisation, Kerry Group have created sustainable processes while optimising the value of cheese produced and adhering to quality compliance regulatory and validation rules. Moreover, by reducing paper consumption, Kerry Group also collaborates to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ensuring Sustainability in the Dairy Industry

SoftTrace design and develop software paving the way for sustainable manufacturing.

At SoftTrace we have supported our customers’ sustainable agenda for over twenty years with the use of real-time data access to achieve efficient manufacturing operations.

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What our clients say...

"We chose SoftTrace because of the systems focus on the dairy industry. As the implementation progressed we became increasingly impressed with the systems flexibility and customizability. We have been..."

Matt Mullins Plant Manager, Mullins Whey

"We invested in SoftTrace because of its ability to improve plant efficiencies. Automating data recording, and improved performance analysis capabilities have allowed us to manage the plant more cost..."

Daniela Collins Quality Manager, Arrabawn Co-op

"Using SoftTrace MilkData we have achieved significant improvements in the general running of the laboratory. We have increased control over sample test scheduling and achieved a rapid turnaround of..."

Siobhan Troy Central Laboratory Manager, Glanbia

"Today the emphasis is on verification and speed. Being able to quickly demonstrate full traceability as well as rapid response capabilities is the key to gaining a competitive advantage...."

Jeoffrey Collins Quality Manager, Kerry Group, Newmarket Dairy Processing Plant

"It has been a pleasure to work with the SoftTrace team, they are receptive to our needs and concerns. SoftTrace have a level of food industry expertise that has..."

Adam Mullins Operations & IT Manager, Mullins Cheese

"We selected SoftTrace because of its focus on traceability and quality control, its modularity, its configurability, and the SoftTrace team’s experience in providing software to the food industry."

Andrew Wafer Account Manager, Tipperary Co-op

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