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Integrate & control manufacturing data to sub-batch level

SoftTrace In-Process

SoftTrace In-Process tracks, integrates and controls manufacturing data to sub-batch level from the raw material / ingredient intake stage through manufacturing to the finished product units. It provides real-time visibility on all data associated with the manufacturing process including detailed quality information on the make-up of any batch of bulk finished product to the packed finished product units.


Integrate process control, process automation and quality records

SoftTrace In-Process integrates process control records with process automation and quality records to provide a comprehensive profile of everything that may affect the quality of the batch in progress. It provides real-time trends and analysis information based on laboratory and process automation data. In addition, it provides full physical traceability by recording all processes, CIP and pasteurisation data together with all movements and equipment used for the batch:

  • Real-time data control to batch and sub-batch level.
  • Full batch traceability from finished goods to raw materials / ingredients.
  • Record raw material, ingredients, packaging and process inputs (including multi-stage processes).
  • Configure user defined process control sheets (make-sheets), pop-ups and alert functionality.
  • Production scheduling (with a link to sales and inventory records to generate manufacturing orders).
  • Log analysis samples and view results from the production floor.
  • Automatically generate a work-in-progress records and update finished goods inventory.
  • Integrate with plant automation and packing line systems.
  • Track all product movements by quantity and batch code.
  • Barcode labelling.

Monitor Plant Performance

Implement SoftTrace In-Process to monitor every step in the supply and production chain and gain insights into process and manufacturing performance:

  • Determine daily production costs and yields.
  • Easily establish a daily mass balance.
  • Determine the real-time process adjustments needed to achieve yield improvements.
  • Monitor yield variation on an individual unit basis.
  • Link yield with suppliers for preferential purchase decision making.
  • Reduce ingredient losses.
  • Track costs, usage, delivery and invoice data.
  • Monitor and control environmental load.
  • Achieve full production traceability by dispatch.
  • Monitor and control waste.
  • Establish optimal production levels.
  • Achieve reduced recall expenses.


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