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Full Traceability in Minutes!

SoftTrace Traceability Engine

The SoftTrace suite of manufacturing, quality management and traceability modules provides full, bi-directional traceability from source to dispatch in minutes.

SoftTrace tracks and integrates all relevant data from raw material intake, in-process and packing, finished goods, dispatch and customer information to guarantee an efficient response to internal and external quality issues and maximise rapid response capabilities. Full, verifiable traceability is one of the key benefits.

Integration between SoftTrace Intake Manager and SoftTrace LIMS creates an unbroken traceability chain from the raw material and active ingredient sources to quality control and release into the manufacturing process.

SoftTrace In-Process extends the traceability chain from raw material receiving and active ingredient inventory to the in-process batches, bulk finished product and finished goods inventory. Together with SoftTrace LIMS, it provides instant access to detailed quality information on the batches of finished product and packed finished product units.

Full integration of SoftTrace In-Process and SoftTrace Inventory Management secures the production traceability chain by linking the process control sheets, packing, quality and inventory records. It provides a profile of the quality and grade of all finished goods to individual pack level. Traceability to the customer is maintained to unit level within the batch – completing the traceability chain from source to customer.

The SoftTrace Traceability Engine allows users to rapidly collate the traceability data held in the system and instantly generate a suite of customised traceability reports and enquiries encompassing a range of data and data sources.

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